Literature review on credit risk management in indian banks


Credit Risk Management And Bank Performance A critical Literature Review DOI 10.9790/5933-0906040913 Page seeks to explain how the outside economic factors influence the relationship between the credit risk and bank performance. The fast changing financial environment exposes the banks to various types of risk. The concept of risk and management are core of financial enterprise. The financial sector especially the banking industry in most emerging economies including India is passing through a process of change. The present paper is designed to study the implementation of the Credit Risk Management Framework by Commercial Banks in India. To achieve the above mentioned objective a primary survey was conducted.


Literature review on credit risk management in indian banks
Based on literature review, a conceptual model of credit risk management systems for commercial loans, of Indian public sector banks, has been developed. This model has been used to underline the problems areas and obstacles in credit risk management through comparison of large and small banks. Financial crisis, risk measurement and management in the Indian banking sector is gaining importance. Credit risk is the core of all banking activities to both private and public sector In recent years, risk management at banks has come under increasing scrutiny. Banks and bank consultants have attempted to sell sophisticated credit risk management systems that can account for borrower risk e.g. rating, and, perhaps more important, the risk-reducing benefits of diversification across borrowers in a large portfolio.


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Banking industry. KEYWORDS Risk Management, Banking Sector, Credit risk, Market risk, Operating Risk, Gab Analysis, Value at Risk VatR _____ INTRODUCTION Risk is defined as anything that can create hindrances in the way of achievement of certain objectives. Credit Risk Management In Commercial Banks DOI 10.9790/5933-06335156 Page II. Literature Review The deregulation of the financial system in Nigeria embarked upon from 1986 allowed the influx of banks into the banking industry.


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LITERATURE REVIEW ON RISK MANAGEMENT IN BANKING INDUSTRY OF BANGLADESH INTRODUCTION In the past two decades, the banking industry has evolved from a financial intermediation between depositors and borrowers, to a “one-stop” Centre for a range of financial services like insurance, investments and mutual funds. CHAPTER 3 REVIEW OF LITERATURE 3.1 INTRODUCTION Risk Management and Risk based Supervision in Banks has been the subject of study of many Agencies and Researchers and Academicians. There is a treasure of literature available on the subject. A careful selection of relevant material was a formidable task before the Researcher.

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