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Essay 3 John Brown’s Raid on Harpers Ferry John Brown’s beliefs about slavery and activities to destroy it hardly represented the mainstream of northern society in the years leading up to the Civil War. This rather unique man, however, has become central to an understanding and in some cases misunderstandings about the origins of the Civil War. Essay text When John was five his family moved to northern Ohio, to a district that would become known for it's antislavery views. Brown spent much of his youth in Ohio, where he was taught in local schools to resent compulsory education and by his parents to revere the Bible and hate slavery. John Brown Essay. John Brown is considered a martyr, a traitor, a murderer and a man with a devout religious sense, bent on destroying slavery. He had insanity in his genetics, but even if they lurked in his blood, he was brave and fought for what he believed.


John brown essay
John Brown’s use of violence is nothing more than bullying and intimidation, in attempt to persuade slave owners and their supporters to change their views. Some view John Brown as self-sacrificing, courageous, and heroic because he was willing to die for his cause. John Brown 5 November 1715 – 23 September 1766 was an English Anglican priest, playwright and essayist. Brown was born in Rothbury, Northumberland. His father, a descendant of the Browns of Coalston, near Haddington, became Vicar of Wigton in that year. In my opinion John Brown was justified in the events of Harper’s Ferry because all of the violence he committed was for a greater greater cause. There were many reasons why John Brown was justified. First off by using violence as a self defense and defense of others Brown was stabbed by the U. S Marines defending himself and his men. Secondly.


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John Brown Essay 1262 Words 6 Pages. John Brown was a driven man, an abolitionist who was relentless in his opposition to slavery. Ultimately, he justified violence as a means to realize what he considered the most noble of goals – the destruction of slavery. John Brown Essay 714 Words 3 Pages. John Brown as a "Martyr” A martyr is defined as a person who is put to death or endures great suffering on behalf of any belief, principle, or cause. To many people back in eighteen fifty-nine, this defined a man named John Brown in many ways.


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John Brown Essay What John Brown did was crazy and was suicidal; he did it because he knew the purpose of it and the after effect of it. After the Harpers Ferry revolt Brown said that he doesn’t feel no guilt for his actions. He knew what people would characterize him as and he just doesn’t care. He knows what affect and toll it would take. The Life and Fight Against Slavery of John Brown John Brown 1800-1859 was a man determined to fight against slavery. His way of fighting manifested throughout his life through armed struggle, financial support and donation of land for slaves, despite the economic troubles that he had with his family.

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